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Strength in numbers

Strength in numbers

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Collegiate Insights brings the rigor of consumer science to higher education. With an in-depth understanding of your constituents, you will benefit from the strong foundation you need to elevate university performance. The results? Increased brand affinity, enrollment growth, marketing effectiveness and fundraising success. We start with the end in mind, working closely with you to create a learning agenda that will inform key decisions with actionable insights.

Our ability to choose the best insights tools and data sources means you will receive information that is dependable and robust. Our consultants can help you deliver meaningful reports that will inform your team and gain the confidence of your leaders. Our fractional services model means that we can take on nearly any size project, while you benefit from high-level expertise. You’ll avoid high project fees and the need to build expensive in-house capabilities.


Event attendance 





Degree program

Extracurricular involvement 

Year graduated

Propensity scores


Causal effects

Test and control

Demographic traits 


Lifestyle indicators 

Purchase behavior 

Verbatim comments

Survey responses

Derived or latent variables 

Emotional responses

Social media posts

Website visits

Email opens

Link click rate

Fractional Services

Shared or fractional service staffing models are becoming a popular way for organizations to access top talent at a reduced cost. With our fractional service approach, you subscribe to a level of service that fits your need. In return, you obtain guaranteed access to an insights leader who can strategically manage the complete function, not just a single project at a time. By reserving a set number of service hours, you will have access to an insights expert whenever you need them. Even the largest universities may benefit from the fractional service model by avoiding the expenses related to employing a full-time, in-house insights executive, while being able to access a broad range of expertise and tools.

Cindy Casper, Founder & Principal, Collegiate Insights

Cindy offers 30 years of insights experience with universities and leading consumer brands. She has managed budgets of more than $8 million and led cross-disciplinary teams of about 20 members.

University Experience

Collegiate Insights has helped universities with a broad range of marketing challenges.

  • A top five non-profit online university was able to drive both brand equity and enrollment in online programs. Insights were derived from a brand tracking study, causal modeling and creative pre-testing.
  • As presented at DRIVE/Cast in 2020, Arizona State University was able to increase alumni affinity to drive engagement and donations. Consumer insights methods included concept measurement and diagnostic modeling to inform creative content.
  • A major public research university was able to measure ad effectiveness without a sales outcome. A large quantitative research study was designed to obtain pre- and post-campaign brand perceptions from the same respondents. Advanced analytics were used to quantify the impact of each channel on overall brand perception changes.
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Higher Ed Insights Collaborative

Are you a higher ed marketer or a data insights professional? Does your organization look to you to embrace and solve problems? Would you find it helpful to be surrounded by other professionals outside of your organization – professionals who can advance your knowledge, answer your questions, offer solutions? You’ll be among peers from leading institutions from across the nation. 
You may be the perfect candidate to join the Higher Ed Insights Collaborative. The only requirement is to attend the virtual gatherings that interest you. We’ll meet bi-monthly – with a new topic each time. I’ll look to you to help identify topics of interest – and also look to you to share knowledge that you think could be helpful to others. Future topics in the pipeline include discussions on propensity-to-give models, research panels, personas, journey maps, social listening, student engagement and industry trends. 
In today’s complex environment, there’s more reason to cooperate than to compete when it comes to learning together about insights, data and analytics. 

NOT YET A MEMBER? Please fill out the CONTACT FORM below to join the Higher Ed Insights Collaborative